Introducing a Game Engine “Suika2”

Do you know “adventure games”? It is a method of expression mainly used for romance games. Users choose options and come to an end. It displays background pictures, character pictures, texts and options. It plays background music and character voices. It is also called “visual novels” or “novel games”. There are several tools to create English adventure games. Suika2 is one of the tools. In this article, I’ll introduce beneficial features of Suika2.

Suika2 screen

Easy to create games

Script file to make up game is very simple and easy to understand. For example, to show a background picture, just write

@bg sample.png 1.0

Then you can change background picture to sample.png with a 1.0 second fade-in time. “bg” is abbreviation of “background”.

Runs on Windows, Mac and Browsers

Suika2 basically runs on Windows. In addition, it runs on Mac and Browsers. You can approach wide variety of users.

Fast and stable

Suika2 is optimized for CPU execution. It achieves fast and stable drawing without depending on GPU. If your CPU supports an extension like SSE or AVX, Suika2 uses it for faster drawing.

Completely free

Suika2 is released under MIT license. It has no limitation for redistribution. Of course you can sell copies of your game with Suika2 execution file.

Supports English

Suika2 supports English word wrapping and has English error messages. Many tools developed in Japan don’t support English.

User support by the author

While Suika2 has good features, it is not so popular at the moment. I therefore offer you direct support by the author as a promotion.


Suika2 Official

Suika2 Tutorial Document

Suika2 Tutorial Video (Japanese) – If you can record English tutorial video which follows the tutorial document like this Japanese video, please let me know at


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