Suika2.7.2 Release Note


On June 5th 2021, Suika-2.7.2 was released. This release implements some features which are requested by a user. Let me introduce the major changes.

Ability not to stop voice when move to next message

Originally, Suika2 was designed to stop voice when move to next message. A user requested to change the behavior of this voice stop design. From this release, we have a config to decide whether stop or not stop voice on message move. By default, the engine stops voice when move to next message.

Following lines are added to conf/config.txt. Add these lines to your copy of conf/config.txt.

# Don't stop voice when clicked (1:non-stop, 0:stop)

If you change 0 to 1, voice continues after moved to next message.

Slide effect of background image

In response to request from a user, slide effect of background image was implemented.

Use slide effect as follows.

@bg sample.png 1.0 slide-right

You can specify slide-right, slide-left, slide-up and slide-down effects. For more detail, see also @bg section of command reference.

Add curtain effect directions

Originally, Suika2 has left-to-right curtain effect for @bg command. In addition, this release implements right-to-left, bottom-to-top and top-to-bottom curtain effects.

Use new curtain effect as follows.

@bg sample.png 1.0 curtain-left

For more detail, see also @bg section of command reference.

Unicolored background

Before this release, you have to prepare an image when you need a unicolored background, like white.png in sample game. This release enables HTML-like RGB color specification in @bg command.

Use unicolored background as follows.

@bg #ff8844 1.0

Of course you can use curtain or slide effect with unicolored background.

Global master volumes

@vol command has been used for sound production. The volumes have been saved in each save file. Aside from this, as whole game settings, global master volumes are introduced in this release.

Next line sets global master volume of BGM to 0.5 immediately.

@vol BGM 0.5 0

If you use lowercase bgm for sound channel name, you can change sound production volume of BGM as before. If you use uppercase BGM, you can change global master volume of BGM which is implemented in this release.

Global master volumes are not faded. You need to specify 0 to fade time.

Global master volumes are common in all save data, in other words, they are global settings.

For more detail, see also @vol section of command reference.

Increase of menu command buttons

Before this release, @menu command could make up to four buttons. From this release, it can make up to 16 buttons.

This change is alternative solution to request for GUI sound volume slide. 16 buttons seem good enough to implement level buttons for sound volume.

Future work

At this time, Suika2 doesn’t have effects like screen shaking. Such effects must be implemented quickly.



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