Suika2.10.0 Release Note


On 24th July 2022, Suika 2.10.0 was released. Changes are

  • Add config not to reflect chapter title to window title (Thanks to MaiMai-san)
  • Toggle cursor blinking by pressing C key or config (Thanks to Kyo)
  • Add functionality to delte save data (Thanks to Max)
  • Add system menu by right click (Thanks to Max)
  • Change images of message box and options (Thanks to Max)
  • Remove quick menu from demo (still available)
  • Add hide button to quick menu (Thanks to Max)
  • Toggle visibility of message box by space key (Thanks to Aitsuki)
  • Add banners for auto play and skip play (Thanks to Max)
  • Add config for UI message internationalization (Thanks to Max)
  • Rename to automode.speed
  • Add collapsed system menu (Thanks to Max)
  • Fix window title bug on Windows (Thanks to Max)
  • Add support for JPEG (Thanks to maxchen32)

Thanks to all who gave feedback on the Discord server.


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